Documents needed for Cash Out Refinance

For self-employed persons & Independent Contractors
  1. Personal Tax Returns for the two most recent years (all pages, all schedules)
  2. Forms 1099 for the past two years where available
  3. Corporation or LLC taxes for most recent two years (all pages, all schedules including K1 form)
  4. Year-To-Date Profit & Loss Statement (Personal & Business)
  5. If self-employed for over 5 years, most recent full year’s tax returns and Year-To Date Profit & Loss Statement
For Employees on Wages or Hour Paid
  1. W-2 Forms for most recent 2 years.
  2. Current 30 days paystubs
For All Applicants
  1. Last 2 months bank statements (all pages, all accounts)
  2. Last quarter’s statements – 401K, IRA, Investment, Retirement, etc.,
  3. Enlarged color copy of driver’s license.
  4. Enlarged color copy of S. S. Card
  5. Front & Back of Green Card and copy Visa (not required for Citizens)
  6. Front & back of DHS Card (for Non-Resident/permission to work)
  7. For real estate sold, copy of sales contract & Net Sheet for proceeds.
  8. Proof of sale of assets deposited into your bank account in the past 2 months
  9. Proof of Gift Funds deposited into bank in the past 2 months.
  10. Mortgage Note for any First or Second mortgages
  11. Copy of most current mortgage statement
  12. Declaration page of the Homeowner and Flood Insurance
  13. Title Insurance Policy from last closing

Email documents must be sent in PDF format to Please call 954-338-8769 with questions or for assistance. Thank you.

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